ESD Design and Analysis Handbook by James E. Vinson .PDF : ESD Design and Analysis Handbook James E. Vinson

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oyowsdwvofikxtrt - Read and download James E. Vinson's book ESD Design and Analysis Handbook in PDF, EPub, Mobi, Kindle online. Book ESD Design and Analysis Handbook by James E. Vinson

ESD Design and Analysis Handbook
by James E. Vinson

ESD Design and Analysis Handbook James E. Vinson pdf
ESD Design and Analysis Handbook James E. Vinson pdf

Summary: Electrostatic Discharge is a pervasive issue in the semiconductor industry affecting both manufacturers and users of semiconductors. This easy-to-read, practical handbook presents an overview of ESD as it effects electronic circuits and provides a concise introduction for students, engineers, circuit designers and failure analysts. show more

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Product details Format Hardback | 207 pages Dimensions 155 x 235 x 17.78mm | 504g Publication date 31 Dec 2002 Publisher Springer-Verlag New York Inc. Publication City/Country New York, NY, United States Language English Edition Statement 2003 ed. Illustrations note IX, 207 p. ISBN10 140207350X ISBN13 9781402073502

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